Emma Humphries' Resume


Summary: Emma Humphries is an experienced web developer and project manager who thrives when integrating systems and working across teams to drive consistent processes and create efficient workflows to build great software.


October 2020 - Present

As an engineer in the Developer Experience team, I build and maintain tools used by Bandcamp engineers working on our web app used by thousands of artists and millions of fans worldwide.

I’ve improved our existing error reporting tool so it analyzes stack traces, highlights the code involved, notifies the teams whose code is involved, and provides context (users, request path, and other information) about the error. This reduces how long it takes teams to respond to and fix a runtime error in our web app.

I coach our development teams on best practices on managing their bugs and backlog of work, and help train people on our developer tools.

Bandcamp sends a large volume of email via a service, and we did not have useful information on mail delivery, so I built a service providing a webhook endpoint uses to send delivery, bounce, and spam reporting statisitcs. This tool helps our support team close many cases faster.

I also help feature teams clear their bug backlogs.


November 2015 - August 2020

As Staff Engineering Program Manager (a.k.a. Bugmaster) for the Firefox Developer Workflow team, I develop and implement bug handling policies and processes for Mozillans-both staff and community members-and educate them on best practices.

When I joined Mozilla, the Firefox team had no consistent processes for triaging bugs. After discussions with engineers, product owners, program managers, and QA staff from across Mozilla, I designed and implemented a triage schema for all of Firefox development using our main repository. This enabled me to support engineering management with a view into bugs which could have caused major issues in our release of Firefox Quantum: a major revamp of our desktop web browser in 2017. I continue to work with engineers to improve our processes.

I’ve also brought machine learning to our bug handling process, using our BugBug tool and a classifier developed by one of our staff to successfully assign a significant number of new bugs to the appropriate product and category as they are reported. This reduces staff and contractor workload, and the time it takes to get a bug in front of an developer to hours instead of days.

I developed rules and policies for using feature flags to deploy new Firefox features off-release cycle so we can avoid future release-related bugs.

Mozilla’s bug tracker, Bugzilla, is a social network, which requires ongoing moderation and review. I developed a process for handling content in violation of our Codes of Conduct. I collaborated with the community-facing add-ons and support teams on reporting and escalation incidents in our community-facing support products.

Supporting diversity and inclusion is critical to building great products, so I worked on the revision of our Code of Conduct for Mozillans, tested a pilot of a development course for Mozilla staff from underrepresented groups, and developed and ran experiments on how to improve inclusion in our bug-handling processes.

I’ve given multiple presentations on engineering workflow and feature release processes at conferences such as Open Source Bridge, FOSDEM, Node.jsConfEU and Trajectory.

I continue to lead consensus building on process by drafting and shepherding proposal documents through engineering, QA, release, and leadership.

I build and manage documentation sites for bug handling.

I write sample code to guide teams building tooling on top of Bugzilla’s APIs.

Peel Technologies, Mountain View

June 2014 - July 2015

WhiteHat Security, Santa Clara

April 2011 - May 2014

Senior Engineer

L4 Systems, Seattle

July 2010 - March 2011

Web Engineer


Linden Research, San Francisco

September 2007 - June 2010

Project Manager, Core Engineering

Technical Project Manager, Open Grid Technologies

Web Engineer

Apple Inc

September 2001 - August 2007

User Interface Engineer, .Mac

Web Engineer, Human Resources

Other Experience

2Roam, Redwood City, CA

Client Development Software Engineer, January 2000 - July 2001

OnRadio, Scotts Valley, CA

Software Engineer, March 1999 - December 1999

Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA

Web Technologist, April 1996 - March 1999



Online Team Co-lead, WisCon 2020 and 2022

In April of 2020, when it was clear that an in-person event was not possible, I took the tech lead role on an effort to pivot a 1,000 person conference to online.

I wrote our run books for live panels using Zoom, Jitsi, and YouTube, worked with professional transcribers to provide real time captions, helped set up an online space for the conference using Discord, and wrote chatbots for the Discord.

We were able to pivot to online, and run an event which had greater participation than in person (more people, from more places, and more diverse audience.)

Prior to our pivot to online, I was the co-lead for one of the safer spaces at the in-person event, managing the volunteer schedule and logistics.

Otherwise Award (formerly James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award Council)

Online Producer, annual fundraising auction, May 2020

Live producer, using Open Broadcast Software, for the annual fundraising auction which moved to online.

Webmaster, December 1995 - May 2004


MS (Economics)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1990

BA (Economics)

University of Texas at Austin, 1987