Emma Humphries

Photo of Emma Humphries

Credit: McLendon Photography, 2019

For the Mozilla project, I help people file better bugs, engineers make decisions on bugs faster, and make Open Source safer for underrepresented groups. I advocate for software that lets people use the name they go by, even when it doesn’t match their id.

My work includes browser-based applications for email, photo galleries, and blogging; enterprise and consumer virtual worlds; web apps for employee training and development; and apps for internet-enabled TVs.

You probably know me as the creator of the original Unitarian Universalist Jihad Name Generator, inspired by Jon Carroll’s column for the San Francisco Chronicle, and appearing in forum signatures across the web.

I live in Silicon Valley on the unceded lands of the Ohlone people with my wife Cynthia where I work, ride my electric bicycle, cook, mess about with tiny computers, help run science fiction conventions, and cater to the whims of my cats.

I started working on the Web when I asked the Otherwise (formerly the Tiptree) Award’s Motherboard if I could make a website for them. I still have the original site on a 3.5” disk.