Emma Humphries: Now

24 May 2016

Current Location

San José, Californa

Current Work

Mozilla Corporation: I'm working with engineering, release, and QA to help developers identifiy and respond to regresssions, and make actionable decisions on bugs in Firefox.

I've created a node module, bugzilla-readable-status which generates a readable bugzilla bug status message out of a bug's meta data.

I'm creating dashboards for tracking repeat bug filers to support our goal of more people filing better quality bugs.

Upcoming Talks

WisCon 40, May 27-30, Madison, WI: I'm talking about Hamilton the Musical, femme erasure in queer spaces, and my work on Laurie Toby Edison's visual memoir.

Mozilla Work Week, June 13-17, London, UK: I'll be giving a training on bug triage.

Open Source Bridge, June 21-24, Portland, OR: I'm giving a talk on Bugzilla's metadata and the folk knowlege of triage.

Side Projects

Adventures in Renaming: blog on topics related to the intersection of names, computers, and gender.

Memory Landscapes: working with Laurie Toby Edison to build HTML prototypes of her visual memoir.

LGBTQ Tech Podcast: regular panelist on a podcast discussing issues faced by queer-identified people in tech.

WisCon 40: program wrangling, and website user support for the premier feminist SciFi convention.


I'm not available for more projects at this time.